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How to Live in Christ


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On My Too Sense I will explore what it means to "live in Christ". My personal study of the scriptures tends to follow the Come Follow Me curriculum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But the thoughts are my own (unless otherwise attributed) and do not represent the Church. 

Why am I writing this blog? 


In a transcendent experience, I was able to feel the love of God. Unadulterated, pure, bright, and healing. It was for me and me alone at that moment. Since then I have come to see that although the love started with God, then came to me, it's necessary that I share His love in the hope that others will be led to seek for it, pray for it, long for it and yearn for it.

By Experience Only

I recognize that my words alone are nothing. I will only post things here that the Spirit guides. My hope is that spirit will meet spirit will meet spirit. This is a ministry of love alone. If it helps you to feel the Spirit then I will be glad. That is its only purpose. Share with me your story of God's love in your life. Or any thoughts that come to you by the Spirit.


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Misty Woodland